Amanda Owens

Boudoir Magic


Fort Walton Beach, Florida

  • Kristen

    From the moment I met Amanda, all the nerves I had about doing my shoot melted away. she was absolutely made to do this job! I responded to a post she made looking for tattooed women to pose for her on a whim and immediately wished I could take it back until I met her in person. And of course, the talented Ivette Noemi, the makeup artist responsible for making me look beautiful the days of my shoot. Let me just say that if you have any self confidence issues when you arrive, these ladies will most definitely make sure you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world before you leave. I was in awe of how that showed up in the gorgeous photographs Amanda took. In a time when it is hard to see beauty anywhere most days, she is a woman empowering other women to see the beauty in themselves and setting an example for her daughters that is so powerful. That is something she should be very proud of. Thank you for the amazing experience! We will definitely be booking a couples shoot soon!

  • Shea

    Where do I Begin?!?!

    What started out as a gift to my husband become a gift to myself.

    I didn't realize how amazing this session would turn out. I had an amazing time and made a wonder new friend.

    I have had a level of low self confidence after having my twins but after this session it has helped me find my own inner self. It helped me see a side that I absolutely love.

    I recommend taking the plunge, and book a session with Amanda. I promise you will not be sorry.

  • Kiersten

    I want to write a little note for anyone who is wondering if they can or should get boudoir pictures...the answer is YES!!

    Absolutely!! Listen, I had every excuse in the book on why I couldn’t...”I’ll do it when I lose 20 more lbs”, “maybe next year I’ll feel better”, every excuse. Amanda has such an amazing energy and there wasn’t a second of doubt in my mind once I was there and in the moment. I was extremely comfortable and all the doubt I had been holding onto went away. I love myself more today with Amanda Owens help and beautiful photos than I have in such a long time. Thank you for helping me see my true self for the first time in a long time.

  • Erin

    I cannot say enough great things about doing a boudoir session with Amanda. Getting in front of a camera can be scary and doing it with your clothes off even more so but she was so kind and encouraging. By the time we started the shoot, I was already feeling very comfortable and confident. When I got the pictures back I couldn’t believe that was me in those photos, they were so amazing. She truly does work magic. If you’ve ever thought of doing a boudoir session stop waiting and book one with Amanda!

  • Heather

    Soooo where do we start? Amanda made me feel very comfortable from before we even met. Her makeup artist did a great job, she had tonnnnss of outfits to choose from... I was a little worried about finding something that fit right because I’m short with some watermelons but it wasn’t a problem! She walked me through the whole shoot and I had tons of fun. I was super impressed with the pictures overall. I love them, my spouse loves them! The turnaround time was much quicker than I expected as well. I love when I go in to meet and photographer and leave with someone I feel like I can consider a new friend. Invest in the Boudior shoot, you won’t regret it! Thanks, Amanda!