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Before you book...

Why Boudoir Magic?

You've finally decided it's time to invest in yourself and book a boudoir shoot. But what makes Boudoir Magic stand out from the crowd? I pride myself in my love for the unconventional. Just anyone can do a few poses in some lingerie for you. I work to provide so much more than that for you on your shoot day. If you're new to boudoir shoots in general, or just new to Boudoir Magic, here's a little taste of what you'll get when booking with me. 


Your body. You, unaltered.

I pride myself in body positivity, and this is always captured in my photographs. I take special note of any assets you want to accentuate, or parts you might not be comfortable showing, and I work to capture you feeling your most authentic and fiercest. When editing my photos, I might do some slight retouching, but I will never airbrush or alter your features. It's something I believe in strongly with all my clients. Boudoir has taught me to love my imperfections and unique features, and it's my goal to do the same for you.

Unique, unconventional, uncensored.

You won't find me just giving you the same generic poses on your shoot day. I love making your boudoir session uniquely tailored to you, and I'll guide you 1:1 through all the posts and scenes from head to toe. You might catch me taking multiple shots, moving stray hairs, or directing you ever so slightly in order to get a perfectly composed shot--not a single thing out of place while I play hype queen/director! If you have more crazy ideas or inspiration you'd like to share, I'm always game! I tailor the scenes and poses to your level of comfort and ability. Communication is important to me throughout the shoot so you feel comfortable, and I'm always happy to show you a little sneak peek of what I've caught on camera to get your thoughts!


Comfort above all

Nervous about your boudoir shoot? Don't sweat it. You're not alone. I'm no stranger to those first-time jitters, and will do my best to get you into your comfort zone. Need some liquid courage, or some laughs? I have ample supply of both! Photos turn out the best when you're feeling yourself, smiling, and happy in your own skin. That's the only way I like to operate in a photo shoot. I'll walk you through outfit changes, poses, and make sure we tackle the day as a team so you don't feel lost or surprised AT ALL.

Let's turn up the heat...

To get started on your boudoir adventure, fill out my form below!

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